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About Our Objective

Our objective at Sara’s Music Lessons is to make music lessons affordable and accessible to everyone with a passion to learn music. In every lesson, students will not only learn how to read, write, and perform music, but they will also learn valuable life. In the practice room, students will learn commitment, perseverance, and concentration. On stage, students will learn to present themselves confidently and assertively.



About Our Founder
The concept of opening Sara’s Music Lessons started with giving private piano lessons in 1999 with only a hand full of students. While attending UC Berkeley full time, Sara grew more passionate about teaching. She commuted 90 miles each weekend, traveling from Berkeley to Sacramento, to educate all her students. Within three years, the original plan of teaching part-time nearly grew into a full-time job. Sara’s goal is to expand Sara’s Music Lessons throughout the community, making it beneficial and easily accessible to those with the passion to learn music.


About Our Staff
Our staff at Sara’s Music Lessons are fully qualified and experienced—both on the stage and in the classroom. The instructors are sensitive to every student’s needs and are prepared to handle any learning style and level. With an encouraging attitude, they strive to capture and pique the student’s interest as well as to ensure optimal learning results.


All Teachers are BACKGROUND Checked and INSURED!
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